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High voltage probes

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High voltage probes

North Star


- PVM-10 or PVM-11: 10 kVDC/12 kV peak,

- PVM-12: 25 kVDC/30 kV peak,

- PVM-1, PVM-2, PVM-3 or PVM-4: 40 kVDC/60 kV peak,

- PVM-5 or PVM-6: 60 kVDC/100 kV peak,

- Megaprobe: 1 MV pulsed (10 μs).

Standard ratio of 1000:1 (other ratios on request).

Bandwidth: DC to 80 MHz.

Accuracy: up to 0.1%.

Optional: for panel mounting.


Main applications: All high voltage measurements on oscilloscope and/or multimeter.

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